For 5 VERY long years, Bob paid his dues as a tour guide at Universal Studios. Here are a few pictures from his very first tour!

The Red Sea is lookin a weee bit dry today!!!

"Up ahead of us is the Universal Amphitheater, which originally opened as an outdoor theater in 1972. The now enclosed Amphitheater holds 6,251 seats!!"

Bob's lookin a bit queasy as he heads into the Ice Tunnel

"Look out, it's a flash flood!!! Juuust kidding, folks. It's only movie making magic!!"

"Driver, what are you doing????? We're not supposed to go over this bridge!!"

"The house is on fire!!! Well, nothing to worry about, folks; the flames are real, but the house will never burn down. It's a nonflammable facade. Facade is a French word meaning false front"

"Ward, last night I think you were a little too hard on The Beaver!"

The Psycho House!!!! Well, there goes the neighborhood!

No room at the Inn, thank goodness!!

"You might recognize this set from the movies Spartacus, and Mel Brooks' History of the World, Part One."

"This area can be any European location we need simply by changing the language on the signs."

"It was under the archway on the left that Frankenstein's monster made his first town appearance back in 1931."

"Up ahead of us is New York Street, which was used as Chicago in The Sting, Los Angeles in Earthquake, and San Francisco in Dirty Harry. Robert Blake also called New York Street home on Baretta."

"Brownstone Street has been used in many productions including The Sting, Lady Sings the Blues, and Annie."

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