LA Voice-over Class

In Bob started his year teaching his animation voice-over workshop in Los Angeles. The price is $1,000 for 8 weeks, with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit needed to hold your spot. The class covers:

* mic and audition technique
* how to create and sustain your own characters
* dos and don'ts of demos
* the business of the business
* agent/client relationship
* and much, much more!

All of your work, including Bob's direction, is recorded and uploaded onto a USB Jump Drive (1 GB will suffice), which each student is required to provide . Students will have the opportunity to work on at least twenty different characters

Bob teaches 3 classes a year in January, April, and August. for more information and bookings.

Class Details

7:00PM - 10:00PM

Voicetrax West
12215 Ventura Blvd.(map)
Studio City
(next to Chin Chin)

Classes Outside of LA

Bob travels the US and Canada throughout the year teaching his weekend animation voice-over workshops. To see if Bob is planning a workshop near you, check out his appearances page for information. Or Bob if you'd like to inquire about bringing his weekend workshop to your home town.

Private Coaching

Private coaching available at $200 per hour.


Bob Bergen can really teach you a lesson. Listen, I went whole hog when I heard him doing Porky Pig for Warner. He is respected and admired in the animation industry as one of the great voice-over artists. I've recommended Bob's animation voice-over workshop to every wannabe actor I know.

June Foray

Bob Bergen's experience, enthusiasm and devotion to his students has certainly made him the preeminent Animation Workshop Director. I have always found great talent coming from Bob's workshops and truly respect his expertise.

Mary Lynn Wissner
Casting Director/Owner
Voices Voicecasting

Bob, thanks so much for the class! One of the bigger breakthroughs for me has been seeing not just dialogue on the page, but seeing the words as opportunities to really dive in and explore what the character is saying, what they might be doing while saying the line, and who they're talking to. I've learned all of this from you. It has made such a difference in the way I'm approaching copy. This is a compliment to your skills as a teacher! Thanks!